When is this?

So this is a two-part question. The first part we'll be able to tell you...the second...well, that's up to you and/or your group.

Here's what we can tell you:

There will be 4 Friday meetings in NYC - December 2nd, January 20th, February 3rd, and March 2nd. The meetings will start right after lunch (12:15PM) and run until the end of school (2:45PM).

Some of you may also be selected to present at a conference at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts...but more on that later.

Here's what we can't tell you:

You will have to find time outside of the school day to work on your project and discuss with other STEMind students.
Use our Social Networking Site to discuss and help other students out. http://steminds.ning.com/

Where are the NYC meetings?

The meetings will be at the //The Center for Educational Enrichment at The Gateway Schools//. Your teachers will know how to get there...so no worries.

Who will be there?

There are 7 schools and each school can bring 2-3 students. So...that's somewhere between 14 and 21 people like you who are working on individual projects/ideas they find interesting. Oh...and there will be some teachers that you don't know yet, but were probably pretty similar to you when they were in middle school.

What are we supposed to do once we get there?

Well...we're glad you asked! Here's how we see it working:

Part 1: Small group problem-solving activity
Part 2: Share your idea/project and receive feedback from your discussion group (~12 kids)
Part 3: Listen to another group's idea/project and give them feedback

If you're curious about the timing, here's our proposed breakdown:

12:45 - 1:30 --> Get settled and participate in the day's "STEM-y" activity.

1:30 - 2:30 --> Divide into 2 discussion groups
Everyone shares their project and or update
Everyone provides feedback to the presenter

2:30 - 2:45 -->Closing Remarks and discussion